What we do


In order to deliver excellent results in designing UAV systems we take into account individual customer needs. Our products can be used to create Numerical Terrain Models (DSM), orthophotos, safety monitoring, difficulty-of-access inspections, professional airborne film and video shots preserving the highest safety standards.


In addition to the production and maintenance of unmanned aircrafts we supply thermovision, visual inspection, creation of photomaps, aerial recording and photography. Our fleet is equipped with suitable sensors to achieve and deliver results on tasks for a variety of business sectors.


We facilitate and provide excellent pilot training for all licence classes UAVO (MR and A to 25 kg MTOW). We cooperate with centres that carry out compulsory training, pre-examination and examinations for UAVO, VLOS and BVLOS licences.

What we offer

The years of experience our employees possess allow us to offer comprehensive solutions for unmanned system problems. From dedicated, tailored UAV systems to organising training and carrying out drone missions, Drone Business Solutions opens the market in Lublin for innovative BSP systems solutions.


A bespoke client approach allows us to execute tasks for our clients, including:

Planning and production of UAV systems

Training and certification in UAVO

24hr service and maintenance of products

About us

Drone Business Solutions is a creative team of aircraft enthusiasts who are not afraid to face challenges. Extensive experience gained while realising research and self-development projects (e.g. with technological giant Lockheed Martin Co, USA) has matured our team, allowing us to produce innovative unmanned aircraft systems, i.e. drones, to suit business and client needs.

We offer an individual based approach when tasked with a problem and custom tactics for our clients.



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